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You may already be familiar with Zillow, one of the top online real estate databases, alongside Trulia. 

Zillow spends money on marketing efforts to make sure that when you search for homes, their website is one of the first few to appear in your search. This can be super helpful but, at times, confusing because the data shown may not always be accurate.  

Agents put their listings into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and Zillow pulls that information and shows the listings as Zillow’s proprietary information. Hence, why you may see our listings on Zillow. Unfortunately, sometimes during the transfer, information may be lost or transferred incorrectly, which is why you may see a home price, location or other details that may not align with the MLS listings.

The best way to ensure that the information you are seeing is correct is to speak with our Online Sales Counselor, Neighborhood Specialists or to view the listings on our website. The listings on our website pull directly from our Keystone database. 

The mapping in Zillow is based on the information entered in MLS. If there is a road that is too “young” or new, it may not register in the MLS system. The agents will set up a map icon to the approximate location and when the data is imported into Zillow, there is a chance that the map point may end up in a slightly different location.

To avoid confusion, please contact us at 706-538-4880, before visiting the home-site, so that we can ensure that you have the correct approximate location or so that we can send you accurate turn-by-turn directions to your destination.

As mentioned in previous FAQ’s, from time to time, there may be inaccuracies on Zillow, to which are outside of our control.  We understand that this can be frustrating, however, to ensure the accuracy of information regarding Keystone Homes, please review our Quick-Move-In Homes section for all of the details regarding our available listings.  

We strive to keep the information listed in the MLS, as accurate and updated as possible, so if you experience any issues, see any inaccuracies, or have any questions please contact us at 706-538-4880 and we will take great care to resolve this. We want to give you the best and easiest experience possible when searching for your new home.


If you are a Keystone homeowner, trade partner or vender and have a friend or family member who you think would be interested in building on their own land, be sure to refer them to us and earn $ for your referral!

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