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Don’t get us wrong, we love being able to get out of the house, but being able to have your cake and eat it too all from the comfort of my home is an amazing thing! We may not be able to make an erupting volcano out of onions or master the art of juggling spatulas, but re-creating a hibachi dinner at home can be just as memorable as a night out of the town. It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting to impress your significant other or just get the whole family together, you’re bound to create a new memory in your Keystone Home. 

For our at-home hibachi, we’re going to use a pancake griddle as our steaming flat-top grill. Grab the whole family, and start by cubing and cooking the protein of your choice in the griddle with a spoonful of cooking oil, and add in your favorite chopped vegetables towards the end, using soy sauce to flavor. Don’t be afraid to see if you can catch a shrimp tail or rice in your apron pocket, it’s easier than it looks! We may not look like the professionals, but tossing, flipping, and flinging your spatulas is part of the at-home hibachi fun.

Even when we know it’s coming, we’re always surprised when the chef turns his squeeze bottle to the table and tricks us into thinking we’re getting doused in soy sauce; and it wouldn’t be at at-home hibachi if we didn’t try it ourselves! Before you start cooking, find an old squeeze bottle, and rinse it clean. When you’re ready to pull out your bag of tricks, take the bottle and act like you’re adding it to the griddle, and when they’re not expecting it, turn to your family and squeeze the bottle! You might have a longer clean-up, but the memories will make it all worth it!

Last but not least, everyone knows you can’t have hibachi without having yum-yum sauce. How amazing it is that the given name of this sauce describes it all, YUM! Approximate the flavor of about 1 cup of mayonnaise, and whisk in salt, sugar, Tabasco, ketchup, ground mustard, garlic powder, and pepper to taste. Once your protein and vegetables are cooked to your liking, serve it over a bed of rice paired or hibachi noodles with yum-yum sauce!

Recreating one of your favorite meals at home can bring comfort to you and your family.  Here at Keystone Homes, we know how important it is to make your house feel like your home, especially now. Even if it’s pretending we’re at our favorite Japanese steakhouse, we’ve come to realize that it’s these little moments that bring us the most joy.

If you’re ready to make memories in your forever home, click here so we can get in contact with you and begin the process. 

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