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Keystone Homes Custom Vs. Standard

You’ve made up your mind! You’ve decided to buy a new home on your land but are torn between building a custom plan or one of our standard Keystone plans. Well, we’re here to help answer one question on many of our prospective buyer’s minds, which is, “Why is building a custom home more expensive…

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Keystone Homes - man adjusting thermostat

Between picking the right AC units, double pane windows and testing the right ventilation system, building energy efficient homes is no easy task. Paying attention to the details can be the difference between paying a small fortune for a sticky house or comfortably smiling at your wallet each month. At Keystone Homes, we strive to…

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Keystone Homes - contractors going over plans

Big. Decision. That’s how you’d describe buying a new home for most people, right? You can’t pack a home up and return it to Amazon. You can’t call your credit card company and dispute the charge. Once you buy a new home, it’s yours. And it can be the best decision you ever make! But…

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