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Want to build on your own land? Wondering which loan type is right for you? What is a construction to permanent loan? We're here to help.

Building a new home is likely one of the largest single investments you will make. If, like most people, you’d like to finance the construction of your home, you’ll want to speak to an approved lender, who can discuss which option would be best for you.

Your home loan options might include:


A credit score of only 580 makes this loan type attractive to those without perfect credit. The mortgage insurance is not available by all lenders, but tends to be a little higher than other loan types, and lasts the duration of the loan.


Conventional loans tend to have stronger credit requirements, but also tend to have less mortgage insurance and fees. They can also be more flexible, allowing options such as: financing closing costs, "float-down rates", re-amortizing, or adjustable rate mortgages. These options let your approved lender tailor the loan to fit your specific needs.


This loan provides 100% financing and is backed by the US Department of Agriculture, but the home must be in a USDA designated rural area. USDA tends to have lower fees, as well, but has income limits. Your approved lender can give you better details of the qualifications.


This loan provides 100% financing and is backed by the Veteran’s Association, but the borrower must have VA eligibility earned through US military service. If you aren’t sure of your eligibility status, your approved lender can help.


Over the years serving our customers, we’ve established relationships with the best lenders in the area — all of whom we use to obtain our construction & development loans. Because this is so, these lenders have a vested interest in helping our buyers obtain mortgage loans, alongside a track record of excellent customer service and on-time closing.

Keep in mind, this is a limited list and some of our Approved Lenders may not be listed. Additionally, Keystone does not receive any compensation for encouraging buyers to use these lenders. To find out which type of loan is right for you, get pre-approved quickly, and determine your home budget, contact any of our Approved Lenders below.

For more information regarding or our full list of approved lenders please email us at


If you have a friend or family member who you think would be interested in building on their own land, be sure to refer them to us and earn $ for your referral!

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